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Nick Vail's


Guitar Stool & Stand

StagePlayer Guitar Stand


The StagePlayer ™, by Nick Vail Designs, offers the musician great features that will certainly prove practical and extremely useful in many situations.

To the working musician, the StagePlayer™ Guitar Stool and Stand will serve as a seat during those marathon gigs. Between sets, simply put the guitar in the handy, padded cradle for safe keeping.

The Stage Player™ Guitar Stool and Stand is ideal for home use too; it’s a place to sit and play or just display.

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Sit and play comfortably with the Stage Player Guitar Stand



StagePlayer Guitar Stand

Order yours today!


Features of the StagePlayer™ Guitar Stool and Stand:

  • no assembly required
  • weighs only 10lbs
  • fully padded and comfortable
  • fits most guitars, bases and banjos
  • neck support and non-slip foam on the folding support arms
  • safe for all finishes
  • rugged metal construction
  • holds up to 250 lbs.


StagePlayer™ Guitar Stool and Stand is a great floor display for your guitars. Plus once your guitarists recognize the practicality, they will certainly consider taking one home too!

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